Creating high quality and uniquely designed RC paint finishes for RC trucks, cars, buggys, crawlers, boats, monster trucks and everything in between. Using the best paints and customer specific designs, we create a body that finishes your RC vehicle off in style.
Custom RC Paint Finishes
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Custom RC Paint Finishes

We specialize in high quality custom paint jobs and finishes for RC vehicles. From trucks, buggys, crawlers, cars, boats and everything in between, we create a unique design with colors of your choosing to make a perfect RC body that you will love for your project.

Custom Paint Designs

We work with you to create a unique paint scheme that is specific to the colors and shapes you want to make your RC vehicle stand out.

Quality Paint & Bodies

Using the highest quality paints, airbrush tools and lexan bodies, we make sure your RC looks great and lasts long.

Cost Effective

Our custom paint finishes are cost effective for everything from simple two color jobs all the way up to intricate multi-color designs.

Unique Design. Quality Paint. Epic Results.

With years of air brush painting experience all Klear Koncepts RC paint finishes are designed, hand drawn, masked and air-brused by Bryan Johnston. Having worked in the RC industry for years, Bryan has painted hundreds of custom bodies for happy customers all over the country. Whether you have a off-road rc that you want to stand out on track or a back yard basher you want to look awesome for your friends, Klear Koncepts can bring your dream paint scheme to a reality no matter what type of RC you like.

Quality RC Paint Products

We use the highest quality paint, airbrushes and chemicals to create your perfect design, as well as use the best lexan body suppliers on the market for your specific RC model.